Diary of a VIP Maiden: A companion in Barcelona

A companion in Barcelona. Today at VIP Maidens we will share the first meeting between Rodrigo and Amaia, one of our luxury companion tells us about her experience with this new member of VIP Maidens private club.

It would be the first time I would see Rodrigo, he was a new member of El Círculo and he wanted to make a first contact before an important event he had to attend.

Rodrigo was a businessman so his time was quite limited. Most of the time he travels from one country to another from meeting to meeting and when he had some free time for him, he liked to make the most of it.

Our first meeting would start with a dinner at the Enigma restaurant in Barcelona that was booked by VIP Maidens concierge services team.

The day of the encounter I arrived at Enigma a little earlier than expected and to my surprise the member of El Círculo had also arrived before, so we had time to break the ice and get to know each other a bit better before starting dinner.

The dinner was great and Rodrigo behaved like a gentleman. When leaving our dinner we went to take a couple drinks in a place very close to the restaurant and there we talked a little about those things that we are really passionate about.

We were talking until late at night, without a doubt it was a pleasant night at your side, we were able to connect and talk quietly about those things that unite us.

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