Diary of VIP Maidens: Weekend in Marrakech

Weekend in Marrakech

A weekend in Marrakech. At last, that October 24th arrived, with an autumn weather in Barcelona. I was getting ready to get off the plane at the Marrakech-Menara airport and enjoy a great weekend in Marrakech. With a tropical climate and a temperature that oscillated 25 degrees, the heat was considerable and the desire to reach the hotel increased when I went down the stairs that took me to the bus that was waiting for us at the foot of the track.

I knew for a long time that spending that stifling heat was worth it and that my stay in Morocco would exceed my expectations. Arab style, luxury taken to the extreme and endless adornments that seemed made to measure made the hotel La Mamounia, without doubt, the excellence of that magical city. I spent hours and hours walking through each of the hotel rooms admiring its rooms with Arab reminiscences.

While I was resting in the room, I received the call from the concierge. He told me that in half an hour they were waiting for me at the spa. There was the member of El Círculo with a welcome detail for me. I ran as if there were no tomorrow, I went quickly and safely down the stairs of that majestic hotel and what was my surprise when I found before me a huge spa at my disposal, closed for us. We enjoy all kinds of relaxing massages and aromatherapy. What I remember most is the authentic hammam bath I took at La Mamounia.

The best companion

The partner had reserved the spa for us two alone, he was a lover of Arab art. He could spend hours and hours contemplating the more than 50 columns and mosaics that made that place a place where it was worth leaving the clock in the room and enjoy without worries, avoiding the outside world and the stress of everyday life.

With the partner the connection was immediate. We had already taken the complimentary coffee offered by the director of El Círculo to all the partners days ago in Barcelona. He knew that, with him, hours would be passed in seconds and days in hours.

We had not even noticed and it was almost 9 o’clock at night. Between how relaxed I was and the bathroom I was terribly hungry. We had a reserved table in the Moroccan restaurant of the same hotel at 10 o’clock at night. At the table there was no lack of detail: the lounge had live music, and the waiters seemed drawn from the authentic palaces of the east.

The exotic dinner, the dishes taken care of in detail and the characteristic mint tea made that peculiar delicacy a shock of tastes for the taste buds.

Of ten, that is the note with which I summarize my short but intense journey. And of the companion, what to say, there is no doubt that he would repeat one and more times with him. Once again thanks to VIP Maidens and the director of El Círculo.