The story of Carlos and Ana

The story of Carlos and Ana

In VIP Maidens we take care of organizing meetings between the members of our private circle and the maidens, we seek to offer a companion of high standing, an authentic girlfriend experience.

However, today at VIP Maidens we have prepared a success story with one of the members of El Círculo of VIP Maidens. For reasons of confidentiality, respect and at the request of the partner, we will not disclose the real names of the parties involved.

Let’s start by entering a bit in context of how things happened and how it was that through our Marriage Agency they managed to have a happy ending.

Approximately 2 years ago we received a request from one of our oldest partners in El Círculo, this partner (whom we will give Carlos’s name) contacted us to collaborate in the search for the person who continues to be part of today of their life.

Carlos was looking for a person with whom to share the rest of his life and the Matrimonial Agency of VIP Maidens in Barcelona made it possible. Our partner required someone with whom they could be in tune, a person their age (between 35-40 years) and professional.

The other half

I remember that day his exact words were, I want to find an active and adventurous soul that enjoys an excursion to the Pyrenees but who in turn is a lover of modern art and symbolism. Perhaps this can be something quite peculiar and demanding, for us it turned out to be something charming, we started with the arduous task to help Carlos find his life partner.

After having made several face-to-face casting with our luxury accompaniment specialists in Barcelona, ​​we managed to find the right maiden for Carlos. It was a girl whose profile showed high compatibility with our partner, who also sought through our Matrimonial Agency a life partner with the characteristics of Carlos.

Once the casting process is finished, we organize a series of meetings and determine the level of compatibility between the two. It turned out that Carlos and Ana got along pretty well and showed incredible compatibility.

If you wish to have more information about the Matrimonial Agency of VIP Maidens in Barcelona or wish to have more information regarding how to be part of the most exclusive private circle of luxury companions, do not hesitate to write to us via email or to our contact number.