The most exclusive private club for men

The most exclusive private club for men

Today we want to talk a little about the benefits of being part of El Círculo and why we are the most exclusive, discreet and demanding private club in Spain.

VIP Maidens is the private club for men that you should be part of if you are looking for an unparalleled experience with one of our luxury courtesans.

Being part of VIP Maidens private men’s club can be a simple matter if you meet the requirements and if your application for access to El Círculo is also approved by our admission committee.

The admission committee of VIP Maidens private club is able to assess the qualities, aptitudes and attitudes of those interested in joining the club.

In other articles we have talked about our private club and about the admission committee, where we describe in detail the first contact, admission process and benefits.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy once you have access to El Círculo are the following:

  • Personal attention
  • Luxury courtesans
  • Concierge services
  • Wedding agency
  • Chauffeur services
  • Access to exclusive material

Our luxury companion meet a series of requirements that make them the ideal woman of any man, women are characterized by: know how to be, have a high cultural level, training, education, elegance, beauty, charisma and human warmth.

Thanks to the qualities of our collaborators, the discretion and exclusivity of our services are defined as the most exclusive private club for men in the world, if you are looking for anonymity, real experiences, discretion and a service that moves away from the competition, VIP Maidens is the right place for you.

If you have any questions regarding the benefits you will have as part of our private club for men contact us through our contact form and get all the necessary information to be part of El Círculo of VIP Maidens and can enjoy an experience wonderful with our collaborators.

Share your time with a luxury courtesan and live a real girlfriend experience.