The most exclusive luxury courtesans in Spain

The most exclusive luxury courtesans in Spain

VIP Maidens has achieved for years to preserve a transparent, real and reliable image through our luxury companions. Our work is characterized by selectivity, exclusivity and confidentiality.

Class and Elegance
A luxury courtesan should detach class and elegance, it is important to be self-confident, to be a confident woman with an amazing attitude.

Elegance and professional achievements are determining factors in our luxury courtesans, character, sensuality, personality, charm, interests, family background, and the ability of each collaborator to create a desirable atmosphere to represent a real girlfriend experience

Quality and not quantity
12 is our lucky number, so our team of luxury courtesans is limited. It is an internal policy that we have implemented since day one in VIP Maidens. The team is closed, only 12 maidens, because, for us, unlike the pages of escorts, less collaborators is the best.

El Círculo

Our luxury companions go through a strict rigorous selection process where they must meet certain requirements that are essential to be part of the private circle of courtesans.

Limited target
We believe in establishing bonds and lasting relationships, true girlfriend experiences. Our target would never seek to have an experience with a luxury courtesan every day but wants to find a maiden with whom to share many experiences and with which there is a feeling that goes far beyond the physical.

Concierge services
If you need a much broader service and not only that of a maid, we can also take care of booking your hotel or villa, reservations in restaurants, trips and all kinds of concierge services so that your experience is completely comprehensive.

VIP Maidens will never contact you under any circumstances unless you allow it, through the route and time you choose.

The most important thing for us is to create an experience, an exclusive, confidential, pleasant and satisfying girlfriend experience.