The most demanding casting of luxury courtesans

The most demanding casting of luxury courtesans

Luxury courtesans. Today at VIP Maidens we will talk about the rigorous casting process where our team of specialists selects the future VIP courtesans of VIP Maidens.

A luxury courtesan represents a status symbol, so we demand that our maidens behave as such and be up to the task at all times. We want to explain through this post the fundamental bases to carry out a selection process, give details about our values ​​and why our casting of luxury companions is the most demanding.

A VIP Maiden with skills

It does not matter if there has been previous experience, for us it is important that the maid be of a happy, warm, sensual and generous personality in search of a rewarding reward at the level of your aptitudes.

The education and training of our maidens is one of the most important aspects, especially at a social, human and emotional level. Beyond beauty, we know how to value women with a positive vital attitude.

We do not look for people with a need to earn money, it is not part of VIP Maidens philosophy. At VIP Maidens we offer our luxury courtesans to accompany our partners in a safe, organized, serious and absolutely discreet way.

We are looking for girls who wish to be part of a solid project and establish a professional relationship based on honesty, trust and respect.

A real luxury courtesan

The maidens of our team are our main asset, they represent our brand and business philosophy in each of their meetings with the member members of El Círculo.

We do not accept girls who do not lead a healthy, orderly and balanced life. We do not accept any girl who has the intention of working as an escort and less if at present she works as an escort or collaborates with an agency.

Our level of demand is very high, but at the same time the quality of meetings that one of our luxury courtesans may have, will not be found anywhere else. We filter the partners so that, in addition to the very high financial compensations, the maid feels comfortable and is an unforgettable experience.

Do you want to be part of El Círculo? Contact us through our email or speak directly with the person in charge through our mobile: (+34) 665 523 110.

If you are a girl and you consider that you meet the requirements demanded by the profile of a luxury companion of VIP Maidens, contact us through the casting form.