Consider the following points for a meeting:


The gentlemen greet the lady first; if they offer you a hand, take it confidently and decisively. In order to make it more cordial and affectionate, you can place your hand on both (yours and the Lord). Others will prefer to greet you with two kisses and the most romantic will kiss your hand. In any case, return the gesture with a smile and let him decide how to greet you.

Terms like “love”, “honey”, etc. are not allowed, especially for a partner with whom you still do not have the enough trust. You are a courtesan and you have to show your class and elegance.


Unless there is a close level of trust, avoid topics such as politics, religion or others that can provoke an absurd controversy of this type on the date.

Do not make comments about the weather, like elevator conversations. From you they are looking for deep conversations about into the topics of his interest and to have a good time.


When you receive a gift you must open it in front of the person who gave it to you. In addition, you must notify us so we can send you a thank you card or make a phone call to the member.


Touching your hair while talking shows insecurity in most situations, but in this sector touching your hair means sensuality, if you do it correctly.

Do not turn your back at any time, not even when you leave the room, or office. Never take your eyes off his either during the conversation or during the greeting.

The correct way to unfasten a jacket is from up to down and the opposite to fasten (from down to the top). These are just a few tips to reinforce your attitude, although it is enough if you be yourself and behave naturally but discreetly and humbly.


At the table it is the best time to show your manners and social skills. To avoid inconveniences that can spoil your food, your dress or the date choose the simplest option to eat.

We recommend that you do not order the most expensive of the menu or the cheapest one because it is rude. Also, do not order too little or too much food or very spicy foods that can affect your breath.

Avoid ordering seafood such as prawns, lobsters, crabs… that require special techniques to eat them, unless you know how to do it. Is better if you choose meat instead of chicken because it is not elegant and if you are going to ask for fish, ask one without bones. Remember that these are recommendations to make your date the perfect one. Everything will always depend on your naturalness and you.


It is an embarrassing and difficult time but at the end of the appointment, you always have to ask the partner subtly if he wants you to stay for more time. If he says yes, we will have to notify the director of El Círculo; if he tells you no, you have to end the date by saying that you have to let him know that it has been a magical date and that you will be happy to see him again.

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