Matrimonial Agency

At VIP Maidens we are specialists in long-term relationships. The members of El Círculo tend to see themselves repeatedly with the same Maiden, they are not people who like change, as normal general. That is why the internal team of VIP Maidens has decided to expand its services and also offer itself as a circle of relationships. While it is true that we are already a circle of relationships, now, in addition, we offer to find your partner if what you are looking for is a solid relationship, long in time and without intermediaries. A prelude to luxury marriage agency for the most demanding gentlemen.

Make a deposit for the VIP Maidens team to start working:

We will ask for a deposit or bank transfer of 1500 euros, which will include the presentation of 3 women.

Call us for a personal interview in which you will indicate your preferences and what you are looking for:

We want to hear from you: the director of El Círculo will welcome you to know you better and to be able to search for your ideal woman. Do not forget to tell you in great detail what you are looking for in a relationship.

The Maidens that we preselect for you, make an in-person cast:

Meet the selected ones by the casting direction of El Círculo exclusively for you. Take your time to choose. If none of the women selected for you fits with what you are looking for (something that is unusual for the team has already made a preselection) you can continue to meet women until you find your ideal partner. The cost will be 300€ extra for each new presentation.

Choose the one that best suits your needs:

Once the decision has been made, you should also listen to what requirements the chosen one requires to go out with you. In El Círculo we believe in the bidirectionality in relationships. The team of El Círculo will be during the negotiations. When both reach an agreement, we will give you the contact information of what will be your new partner.

Request access to our Matrimonial Agency

Fill in the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible or call (+34) 634 283 419