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Eva is a blond, fair skinned lady who, thanks to her parents, grew up travelling and living in different cities of the world. As a result, she speaks several languages. Her two Masters Degrees and her interest in outdoors sports like tennis, golf or horse riding make her the perfect companion.

Azucena, 30 years old, feels completely realized at a professional level. This psychologist has a sculpted body and a strong character. She loves the different cultures, literature and art. She is able to turn the coldest night into a warm and exciting party.

Sweet and complacent, are the two adjectives that best describe Amaia. This nurse from Madrid is 24 years old and has silky soft skin softness. Her green eyes and blond hair will lead you to temptation. Amaia embodies the perfect girlfriend experience.

Gabriela is a delight for all the senses: the sight, for her classic beauty of the East; the ear, for her shy and soft voice and her marked accent; the tact, for her white velvet skin; the smell for her soft fragrance discreet as her personality and how not, the taste… Of haughty appearance as her indisputable beauty but hot in the short distances. This young woman student of high fashion has the body of a model and the class of the Maiden.

Estefanía is a lawyer based in Barcelona. A fan of athletics, photography and jazz, this elegant lady is an amateur wine taster. She does not practice as a lawyer because she has dedicated her life to the hotel industry, traveling around the world to develop her profession. Slender, with perfect chestnut hair and a profoundly captivating classic beauty, she is distinguished wherever she is by its indisputable savoir faire.

Rocío’s, wonderful and innocent smile show that she has never lost her childhood charms. Her difficulties have inspired her to be a confident person. This beautiful southerner is dedicated in body and soul to her vocation as a professional ballroom dancer. Any sane man would go crazy just to see this curvy girl in action. Her beautiful, black eyes will make you fall in love with just one look.

Noemí is an exotic mixture of international beauty with her: Philippine features, light skinned and feline eyes like reminiscent of Eastern Europe. She has a slender body, lives in Gran Canaria, is passionate about rhythmic gymnastics and currently works as a coach of different sports. She defines herself as an open-minded person and emphasizes her naturalness and sympathy.

Inés, is the perfect Maiden. She takes care of all the details of each appointment and ensures it is a unique date… She has a beautiful straight, blond hair and big brown eyes. This sporty architect is very elegant and fashionable. She brims with class without neglecting her innate sensuality.

Melissa is an adventurous woman, perfectionist and observer. A free spirit with great ability to adapt to any situation. Enthusiastic, communicative skills and very funny, this real estate consultant stands out physically for her abundant straight hair, smooth and long, her sensual curves and her perfect naturalness.


2h 1000 1200 890
3h 1400 1700 1240
6h 2100 2520 1900
Night (12 hours) 3000 3600 2650
All day (24 hours) 4500 5400 3970
Weekend (48 hours) 7000 8400 6180
5 days 12000 14100 10600
Week 14000 16445 12365



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VIP Maidens will respect always your privacy and we will never contact you without your previous authorization not out of the schedule that marks us. To concrete the reservation, we will write or call you in the schedule and date that you authorize us, or if you prefer we will wait for your call as minimum 24 hours before the appointment to realize the details and show you the offers that more adapt to your request and needs.