Luxury courtesans: the level of requirement

The level of requirement

Today at VIP Maidens we will talk about the level of demand of our organization in the casting processes of luxury courtesans and the access of members to the private club for men.

The level of demand in VIP Maidens is quite high, and we are aware that our casting process is quite demanding, as well as the access of new partners to El Círculo.

A priority of VIP Maidens is to achieve an interaction between two people, create encounters and experiences between individuals who have hobbies in common.

One best way to achieve this is by having a number of filters during the process of selecting a luxury courtesan as well as the members of VIP Maidens private club.

While it is true that potential partners do not undergo a selection process such as a luxury courtesan could go through, we have an admission committee and filters that determine if a potential partner can be part of El Círculo or not.

Why is our level of demand so high?

The level of demand will always be very high because we want to offer different experiences, safe, discreet and among people of high level. You can hardly find another organization that offers top-notch services and authentic girlfriend experience like VIP Maidens.

Our level of demand is very high, but at the same time we can guarantee that the quality of appointments, meetings and experiences will not be found anywhere else. We have very prepared collaborators, characterized by having a high cultural level, simple and discreet women.

If you wish to have more information about VIP Maidens private circle of luxury companions, do not hesitate to contact us through our mobile number or our contact form.

Experience a true girlfriend experience with incredible maidens, be part of the most exclusive private men’s club in the world.