Diary of a VIP Maiden: Luxury courtesan in Warsaw

Luxury courtesan in Warsaw

Luxury courtesan in Warsaw. A week ago I exactly met Alejandro, a member of the private Circle of VIP Maidens. It had been several months since our last meeting, I remember that it was that time in Greece when I met this wonderful person.

My meeting with Alejandro was about something of the last moment, so I had to go a little against time. I was in Barcelona at that time, it was a Friday afternoon and I had finished an arduous workday in the office.

I received an unexpected call from Marta, Alejandro (a member of the private club) asked about my availability to make a “lightning” trip from Barcelona to Warsaw.

The reason for the trip was to be the luxury companion of a member of El Círculo at a charity event of his company.

When I arrived in Warsaw I stayed at the Warszawa Hotel located in the center of the city. The view from the room was simply amazing. All that remained was to wait for the call from the member of our private club to be his luxury companion and that he would enjoy an authentic Girlfriend experience.

On Saturday afternoon I was preparing for the event. It was a gala event, my dress had to meet the requirements of the invitation and the rules of the event so I opted for a black dress, simple, elegant and discreet.

The next day, Alejandro invited me to tour to spend next to him on Sunday afternoon. We made coffee at Café Bristol, a Warsaw classic located in the Bristol Hotel capable of transporting you to the 1920s; A place where the coffee was exquisite, definitely must be a must in Warsaw.

I had already had the opportunity to visit Warsaw a few years ago, this time it was different. I was with someone with whom hours passed without realizing it. Without a doubt it is an experience that I will remember all my life.

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