Luxury companion for one night

Luxury companion for one night

Today I will share my story as a luxury companion for one night. A couple of days ago I received a call from the manager of VIP Maidens, I wanted to make a coffee with me to be a little more up to date, about two months ago we did not see each other. During our coffee he told me about a new member of El Círculo. This partner had a profile of a well-defined luxury companion, profile in which I fit perfectly, he wanted a luxury companion for a night that spoke Mandarin Chinese.

The language was pretty good, despite not having practiced for months. It’s a language I was so familiar with when I lived in Hong Kong that it had become a second language for me.

On this occasion the partner of El Círculo was Felipe, an important businessman who needed a luxury companion for one night. The company of felipe was about to close a contract with another Chinese company so the president of the company invited him to dinner him and his partner in his residence in the upper part of the city.

Felipe was a single man and although the contract was practically closed, there was still one more push. Felipe sought to improve (even more) the guanxi he had with the president of this important company.

Dinner time

Of course, felipe and I met before dinner at a cafe in Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona to get to know each other, put myself in context regarding the contract, the role that both companies play and my role as their luxury companion during dinner.

At the beginning of the dinner I was quite nervous, I had several months without speaking the language but fortunately the dinner was great and I managed to develop perfectly well, to the point of impressing Mr. and Mrs. Liu.

After dinner we said goodbye to that lovely family, we decided to walk a bit to talk and get to know each other better, we talked about places we would like to meet and the most remote corners of the world where we have had the privilege of being.

It was a little late, after 23 hours Felipe called the driver of our private club to pick us up. The driver, as usual, was punctual thanks to the concierge services available at VIP Maidens.

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