The image of a Maiden is essential. There is no second chance to make a good first impression. The most important points in the image of our courtesans are: manicure and pedicure, teeth, hair, outfits and makeup.


It is fundamental to keep your hands and feet as perfect as possible because it shows femininity. Regarding manicures, the excessively long nails with bright colours, stickers, drawings, etc. are not elegant, overly exaggerated and also vulgar. The most important thing is to find a balance between elegance being sensual and elegant.

The advice for manicures and pedicures is to wear the same colour (hands and feet) and choose classic tones: red, deep colours, nudes, etc.


The second most important point is oral and personal hygiene. Our courtesans should have a perfect smile. It is advisable to undergo teeth whitening twice a year when necessary.


You should wear your hair down. We recommend a natural look, always healthy, clean and nourished. Avoid products like hairspray, gel or others unless requested by the partner. Try to keep your natural hair colour so that your eyebrows are not different shades. Trim the split ends every two or three months.


A high class female companion, always has an elegant, discreet sexy outfit that is never of course, excessive. Factors to be taken in consideration when you are choosing the outfit are: your partner’s age, meeting place, itinerary and appointment time. Everything will vary according to the occasion and, for this, we will train you once you join El Círculo.

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