How to be a luxury courtesan at VIP Maidens

How to be a luxury courtesan at VIP Maidens

Do you want to know how to be a luxury courtesan? On this occasion we want to address a topic that could be of interest to our readers, candidates and potential partners. This time we will clarify some aspects of the process of selecting a VIP Maiden and what a candidate needs to become one of the 12 maidens of the private club.

Each day the inbox of our email is filled with casting requests. Women of different ages, nationalities, qualities and professions, contact us through our casting form and be able to arrange an interview with us.

Here’s how to be a luxury courtesan at VIP Maidens:

Being part of VIP Maidens can be easy for some candidates, but for others it can be a total odyssey. The casting process is simple, you send your basic information such as name, email, a description of yourself and a photo. Not much is asked beyond this.

Once we receive the information, we request more photos and this is where the selection process begins, online interviews and face-to-face interviews.

Filters and interviews

The goal of this organization has always been to offer the best. Our courtesans services and concierge services must be up to and above the level of demand of the gentlemen who make up El Círculo.

Whenever we open a casting process we review and carefully study each request with great enthusiasm, waiting to find El Ángel. As we have mentioned on numerous occasions, we look for a very specific woman prototype. VIP Maidens and the admission committee look for each candidate something of class, sympathy, honesty and good manners.

If your application is rejected, it is because you do not meet the necessary requirements to be part of the team of 12 courtesans.

On the other hand it is important to emphasize that the organization and our admission committee is totally objective and does not discriminate against any candidate. VIP Maidens values ​​each candidate for her elegance, knowledge, sympathy, personality and beauty, without distinction of race, religion or nationality. If you consider that you have what it takes and you are able to prove it, you are automatically part of the team.

However, due to the number of requests we receive every day we have been forced to improve our selection system. In each request for casting we value all the information that is supplied.

We take into account the styling and the type of photographs that each luxury courtesans gives us, as well as the way in which it is expressed and in the way in which it defines itself.

The private club

The maidens who are part of our organization are treated as equals and belong to our private club for their loyalty, education, clarity and commitment to us.

A true luxury courtesan must have a certain level. We usually remind each luxury courtesans and each of the potential candidates that they can come to represent a status symbol, so they must convey security and status.

Our collaborators, who we like to call Ángeles, are women aware of the value they have and what they represent for us as well as for the members of El Círculo.

If you wonder how to be a luxury courtesan at VIP Maidens you should know that a courtesan is much more than beauty. A luxury courtesan is intelligence, sympathy, elegance and tenderness.

If you are interested and consider that you fit perfectly in the profile of a maid, we invite you to contact us through our casting form and be part of our private club for men.