How should a travel companion be?

How should a travel companion be?

When the organization opens a casting process, it takes into consideration a series of aspects that are necessary for a candidate to be part of VIP Maidens. Our admission committee has a very well defined maiden profile. However, we are always looking for an X Factor, a surprise factor or a characteristic that makes this maiden a unique person.

On several occasions we have talked about what it takes to be a luxury courtesan. In the next post we want to go into detail in what a luxury companion needs to be able to provide a true Girlfriend Experience.

The maidens who are part of our organization must not only have a good presence and a relentless sensuality, a maiden must meet certain requirements such as involvement when providing an experience, responsibility with the organization and the partner, positive attitude, adaptability between others.

The commitment of a maiden is important. Each luxury companion must take into account that they will have a commitment to the company and to the members of El Círculo.

This feature is part of the commitment of a VIP Maiden, a maiden must be responsible and comply with the hours established in the meetings. A luxury courtesan can never be late for a meeting.

At VIP Maidens we do our best to establish genuine ties between people with a very high level of compatibility but some involvement and interest from the maiden is also necessary. Usually the implication is not usually a point of conflict, fortunately all our luxury courtesans are willing to give their best in each of the experiences.

Positive attitude
A VIP Maiden must convey a positive attitude to any eventuality.

A luxury courtesan must have initiative. When interacting with a private club member, it is necessary to have that ability to devise, invent and propose new adventures.

Interest is the key to everything

Every experience and encounter is different, there is no manual, there is nothing written. A luxury companion must know how to flow in situations, be natural and spontaneous.

A girlfriend experience stops being enjoyable when there is no interest or commitment. Each and every one of the maids who are part of our club must have a genuine interest in the member and the activities he performs recreationally. This is why we turn to our matchmaking system to achieve a real connection.

Lying to the organization or a partner of El Círculo is something that VIP Maidens cannot tolerate. Our company is based on trust, sincerity and respect.

A VIP Maiden must have the ability to show closeness and understanding with the members of El Círculo.

If you consider that you have what it takes to be part of our organization, do not hesitate to contact us through our casting form. During the process we will evaluate your candidacy and determine if you will continue in a future selection process.

If you are a gentleman interested in enjoying a unique experience next to a wonderful, committed woman and a profile very similar to the one you want, do not hesitate to contact us through the route that is most comfortable for you. We will be happy to assist you!