Diary of VIP Maidens: Nights in Madrid

Nights in Madrid

Many are the nights in Madrid, AVE after AVE… So I summarize the endless travel that I usually do between Barcelona and Madrid, I have already lost count. Undoubtedly, Madrid has something that hooks me and it’s hard for me to break up every time I go. It is a feeling or attachment very similar to what you might have with Paris or Stockholm.

That something is nothing else than a partner of El Círculo. He is a gentleman like those of before: attentive, helpful, polite, elegant and handsome. I say handsome because it is a quality that, although it is not essential or indispensable, is interesting when it comes to establishing an intimate relationship. When I say handsome, I do not mean only the physical, but also, I am attracted to his way of being and treating me. It makes me feel like a princess during my nights in Madrid, like those of yesteryear that we always read in our Disney stories and we imagined ourselves to be once we were older.

During those nights in Madrid we talked until the early hours of the morning in any restaurant, regardless of the place. Only by his presence did it eclipse the places where we were. I felt enchanted by that handsome businessman with white hair and a soft voice.

Lover of tranquility and Retreat

Normally we stayed around 7.30 in the afternoon and we walked through the Retiro Park. He loved nature and was a lover of the magical recesses of Madrid. He told me how his day had gone in the stressful job that he had and he told me that with my angelic face he would relieve himself with total naturalness.

From me, he said that he liked my snow-white complexion, my soft hands like cotton and my eyes, yes, my eyes, those that just looking at him transported him to adolescence. He said that it made him feel younger and more energetic, that it made him forget his work problems.

Once dinner time approached, I always wondered what I wanted. That the place I chose was already routine. Small details that made me fall more and more in love with that person of whom I knew only a few apices of his life. “How was it possible? As if I almost do not know who he is? “I wondered every morning when I woke up.

We loved having dinner at one of the most exclusive Japanese restaurants in the Salamanca district of Madrid, they gave us so many at dawn, and true to his principles he always told me that every day with me was more special than the previous one.

And that’s how, after months and months of being lovers, thanks to the director of VIP Maidens, who was an accomplice of our meetings, one of the most beautiful stories ever told arose.