Diary of a VIP Maiden: Memories of New York

A luxury companion in New York

Today at VIP Maidens we will talk about the experience between a luxury courtesan and a partner of El Círculo of VIP Maidens in New York. Lucia, one of our collaborators recounts her first experience as a luxury companion in New York.

I was at an event in Bilbao, being Mario’s luxury companion. Mario was one of the oldest partners of VIP Maidens with whom he had had the opportunity to have several meetings.

We were having dinner and love remembering our first experience together in New York. At that time we managed to establish a very strong bond that went far beyond the luxury accompaniment, a link that until today continued as strong as that time.

Our first experience together was 3 years ago in New York City, at that time the reason for the trip was an opening event. It was the first time I visited the United States but Mario’s company made my stay in the city much easier.

It was not the first time that Mario visited New York, he already knew the city like the back of his hand so traveling the city was quite easy. We had the opportunity to tour the Big Apple, visited and toured every corner of the wonderful Central Park and of course one of my favorite places, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, also known as “The Met”.

During our stay in New York, Mario and I spent a lot of time together, we got to know each other and connect in a very genuine way that has taken us to where we are now. Our meetings are increasingly frequent, more intimate and more special.

For Mario it was strange the first time we saw each other since he did not think he could make such a strong connection with someone, like the one we have now. He was delighted with our meeting and had the opportunity to experience a true girlfriend experience in New York.

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