Diary of VIP Maiden: Girlfriend Experience in Greece

It was 7:30 p.m. and I was at the Seville Airport, bound for Mykonos with the motive of being a Girlfriend Experience in Greece. It was Alejandro, one of the oldest members of El Círculo of VIP Maidens.

Alejandro was an educated man, wise to dress, talk, share and above all wise how to make anyone laugh. Is someone who you can trust, is a good companion and talkative, you can change your mood (for the better) with just 2 minutes of conversation.

He was a tall man of about 46 years, was engaged in real estate. We had the opportunity to share and share with each other at a business dinner about 2 years ago. This time we went to Greece, specifically to Mykonos to close a deal with one of their clients.

Visiting Mykonos

The day began with the typical tour of Mykonos to the Fira walking. At first we thought it had not been our best option, because we had to climb more than 600 steps with a scorching sun but despite this we continued the path accompanied by tour guides, Alejandro and I made several stops during the Girlfriend Experience in Greece to Take advantage of the spectacular scenery. After walking for a few hours, it was time to return to the villa where we were staying.

I usually choose to stay outside the city in the beach area of ​​Megali Ammos, when I visit Mykonos. It is a short walk from the city and has a small beach (crowded in July and August). However, in June or autumn it can be quite pleasant. If you’re there to have fun, stay close to the city, that’s where the action usually is.

We had opted for a villa near the sea, one of the most spectacular villas in Mykonos. Alejandro, the VIP Maidens partner tells me that we should prepare for dinner, he was a little nervous about the meeting with his client. It was 8:00 p.m. and we were going to the place of the reserve, Jackie O ‘Mykonos an impressive restaurant.

I felt very good next to my companion. The night flowed as expected, Alejandro managed to close the deal with his client and it was something we had to celebrate.