Diary of a VIP Maiden: A Maiden in Seattle

A Maiden in Seattle

The experience is located in Seattle, United States. Where our luxury courtesan was as a companion of Felipe, a partner of El Círculo of VIP Maidens.

I was in a restaurant calling Canlis, hoping to meet Felipe. The restaurant was located somewhat away from the city center but the tour was not important, the views from the restaurant were impressive.

Finally, Felipe arrived. “You look great, as always.” were his first words words drawing a huge smile on his face. “You look great too, as always.” I replied. That night he looked amazing, wore classic wool jacket, a smart casual look that certainly looked great.

During the dinner Felipe told me the reason for our meeting, it was an important dinner he would have with a partner of his company and wanted him to be by his side, since according to his criteria he was very lucky in this type of meetings. work. Felipe explained a little more about his partner and how important this was for him.

Tomorrow’s dinner was quite important since his partner wanted to continue on another path. A totally different route away from what they do in their day to day.

It reminded me that time when I was also a luxury companion for one night, I remember that everything went as it should have that night and hopefully tonight it would be the same or better than that time.

It was 6:30 pm, I was in the lobby of the hotel waiting for Felipe to arrive and go to dinner. After a few minutes he had arrived. Upon entering the car, he stares at me and says, “Today you have surpassed yourself, you look incredible, and I have noticed that you wear the perfume I have given you.” to which I replied, “Today will be an important night, I want everything to be perfect.”

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