In our section of celebrities you will find famous Maidens from Spain. One of the most important Values of our service is discretion and privacy of our partners as well as our Maidens. That is why you will understand that we cannot send, post or show pictures of the ladies avoid any type of public exposure.

How can I make an appointment with a Celebrity Maiden?

Firstly, if you are reading this it is because you are already a member of El Círculo, and that would be the first step. Secondly, we hope that you have met several of our anonymous Maidens.

Later, we will coordinate an interview with the Director of VIP Maidens in so that she will show you in person our famous collaborators, but before that you need to provide identification and make a payment of 1500 Euros we can give you the corresponding receipt.

This money will not be returned but it can be used for the next appointment. You will have one year to use this deposit. It is a way of filtering out curious people and making sure that we take good care of the members of our circle.

Finally, when you have decided, we will arrange an appointment in the place and time stipulated by the director of El Círculo and they will present you the Maiden requested.

Subsequently, we will proceed with the rest of the payment so that she can proceed to send you on a date with the Maiden.

It is necessary to clarify that the Famous Maidens that form a part of being well known faces. We cannot guarantee their professionalism.

In any case they have not passed through the same filters of quality, requisites and rigorous casting as our VIP Maidens. It should be noted that the famous maidens are part of El Círculo for the simple fact of being known faces. Therefore, VIP Maidens is not responsible for the professionalism of the celebrities and cannot guarantee their preparation and exclusivity.

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