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Diary of VIP Maiden: Girlfriend Experience in Greece

Diario de una VIP Maiden Girlfriend Experience en Grecia It was 7:30 p.m. and I was at the Seville Airport, bound for Mykonos with the motive of being a Girlfriend Experience in Greece. It was Alejandro, one of the oldest members of El Círculo of VIP Maidens. Alejandro was an educated man, wise to dress, talk, share and above all wise how to make […]

Diary of VIP Maidens: Nights in Madrid

Noches en Madrid - VIP Maidens Nights in Madrid Many are the nights in Madrid, AVE after AVE… So I summarize the endless travel that I usually do between Barcelona and Madrid, I have already lost count. Undoubtedly, Madrid has something that hooks me and it’s hard for me to break up every time I go. It is a feeling or […]

Diary of VIP Maidens: Weekend in Marrakech

Fin de semana en Marrakech Weekend in Marrakech A weekend in Marrakech. At last, that October 24th arrived, with an autumn weather in Barcelona. I was getting ready to get off the plane at the Marrakech-Menara airport and enjoy a great weekend in Marrakech. With a tropical climate and a temperature that oscillated 25 degrees, the heat was considerable and […]

Diary of VIP Maidens: 48 hours in Manila

48 horas en Manila VIP Maidens 48 hours in Manila 48 hours in Manila. It was a couple of weeks ago when I received a call from Marta, the person in charge of VIP Maidens, asking me if I would like to know Manila. I could not contain the emotion and said yes immediately. Marta told me about the itinerary of […]