Admission Committee at VIP Maidens

Admission Committee at VIP Maidens

Today at VIP Maidens we will talk about our admission committee and about the seal of quality that helps us offer a much more exclusive accompaniment service.

Being part of VIP Maidens can be complicated when the requirements established by our admission committee are not met.

The admission committee of the organization is made up of a small group of specialists, capable of determining and evaluating traits, personality, social and emotional capacities. Those people able to pass this admission phase will automatically begin to be part of El Círculo.

The exclusivity

Even though your entrance to El Círculo is evaluated, we have a last filter where two people are involved. These two people are the collaborator and the partner, both evaluate the performance of the other through a completely confidential feedback.

Once the partner or collaborator has sent us a positive feedback of the meeting, it is when we could say that in definitive, will become part of the private club of VIP Maidens.

The selection process, the rules and our discretion may seem pretentious but it is our way of showing that not everyone can have access to our luxury companion services and not all of them can become a luxury courtesan.

VIP Maidens has gone year after year evaluating the candidacies and evaluating the members of El Círculo. Our way of working based on respect and strict confidentiality is what leads us to offer the most exclusive luxury companion service in the world.

If you want to share an experience with our collaborators, contact us through our contact form and get all the necessary information to be part of El Círculo of VIP Maidens.