El Circulo: A private club for demanding men

A private club for demanding men

A private club for men in Barcelona. For years, VIP Maidens has worked hard to achieve the recognition of its partners and to make way for a saturated sector. The luxury companion sector or luxury escorts has been harmed by scams, deception and mistreatment by luxury escort agencies.

VIP Maidens from the beginning created, El Círculo. A private and exclusive club of luxury companion. The members of this private club enjoy the privilege of having a real Girlfriend experience in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and almost anywhere in the world.

Our mission is based on the organization of meetings of a social nature between non-professional companions of the sex sector and gentlemen of a high economic and sociocultural level. These meetings are remunerated by contracting time by the collaborator’s time.

Real interaction

The private club for men seeks to focus on the real interaction between two people, offering a much more real experience away from what is known of the conventional luxury escorts.

As part of our private club, you can feel free to invite our luxury companion to your favorite restaurant, a tour in the Pyrenees or something simpler such as going to the movies and enjoying a movie.

In our private club we get rid of the idea of ​​being with a different woman every day, our goal is to create and establish many more intimate bonds with a maid, inviting him to share many experiences, a companion with whom there is a real feeling far beyond the physical and a sexual relationship.

As part of our services we offer absolute discretion regarding your identity, as well as we offer concierge services, services that are available 24/7.

VIP Maidens and El Círculo offers its members a broad conversational level, hobbies in common, knowing how to be in public with their companion. We invite you to enjoy a real girlfriend experience.

If you wish to obtain more information regarding VIP Maidens, El Circulo or our Matrimonial Agency service. Do not hesitate to contact us through our mobile or email.