3 characteristics of a VIP Maiden

3 characteristics of a VIP Maiden

Today at VIP Maidens we will talk about the 3 main characteristics of courtesan luxury courtesans.

On several occasions, we have talked about the virtues of a VIP Maiden and we have also talked about the reasons why you should enjoy a girlfriend experience.

This time we will talk about 3 characteristics of the luxury courtesans that are part of El Círculo, specifically the dress, attitude, and kindness.


A luxury courtesan should always take care of her appearance and her dress. A luxury courtesan is always arranged but never with excesses, since discretion is our top priority.

The members of El Círculo de VIP Maidens are high-level gentlemen, most of the meetings between a partner and a maiden are social gatherings such as events, parties, dinners, etc. A true maid must be implacable at the time of selecting her outfit and this must be according to the event she will attend.

Since the beginning of VIP Maidens, we have decided to work with a fairly limited number of collaborators. The main reason would be to offer a much more human service, much more optimal and focused on a very specific type of gentleman.


A maid should always be courteous. The gentlemen of the private club are educated, kind and respectful, so a maiden must also respond with maximum respect and education. Kindness in a maid is essential and must be defined as a skill that falls on her attitude and affection towards the partner, a maid is a woman worthy of being loved and so must be transmitted.

Love or affection can typify kindness as an added value, this a firm and pure trait to achieve a genuine connection.


Our organization values ​​beauty but the philosophy of the company goes far beyond this, we know how to value women with positive attitudes and aptitudes. It is important that a luxury courtesan needs a cheerful, warm, sensual and generous personality, in search of a rewarding reward at the level of her attitude and aptitude.

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