Month: October 2019

Matchmaking and luxury accompaniment

Matchmaking and luxury accompaniment Today we will talk about matchmaking, because VIP Maidens is a leading company when it comes to matchmaking and how we can help you find your soulmate. The organization offers fully specialized services in matchmaking. Through these services we seek to give private club members an opportunity to find compatible people […]

The story of Carlos and Ana

The story of Carlos and Ana In VIP Maidens we take care of organizing meetings between the members of our private circle and the maidens, we seek to offer a companion of high standing, an authentic girlfriend experience. However, today at VIP Maidens we have prepared a success story with one of the members of […]

How should a travel companion be?

que necesita una acompañante de lujo How should a travel companion be? When the organization opens a casting process, it takes into consideration a series of aspects that are necessary for a candidate to be part of VIP Maidens. Our admission committee has a very well defined maiden profile. However, we are always looking for an X Factor, a surprise factor […]