The most exclusive private circle of luxury companion

A true girlfriend experience

VIP Maidens is the most private and exclusive circle of luxury companions, direct to a select public. Our club born in Barcelona and with a perspective of global services, offer you the best courtesans services to gentlemen that are looking for a high level accompaniment services for your business meeting, travels, dinner date, parties or just a simple personal gift; always with the maximum discretion and professionalism. If you are looking for an escort agency, this is not your place.

Escort is a term that we do not will use to refer to our maidens because has been bad used until distort completely the meaning without honesty about their real mean. Anyone that register a web site and use photos of attractive girls they calls himself “escorts agency”, without realizing of the real meaning of escort is the concept of luxury companion not something based on the external beauty.

For this reason we do not will use the term of “escort” to avoid misunderstood and comparisons to explain who we are. However, if you are looking a personalized service, a serious and responsible business company who listens to your needs and be adaptable, someone who can understand you and give you all that you need, if you understand that for to get quality you need pay a price, if you want something more than a beautiful face and top model body, then in the right place.

A courtesan is ready to give you something more, can offer you an added value, and complete her beauty with another different factors like an intelligent conversation, culture, good attitude, to know to be, human quality, connexion with people, know what do you need on each moment and another much more qualities from an endless list.

Back each one of your date, exist an intense management work, due it we please to our members explain to us your needs with the higher margin possible to can offer you our best management, and to our service will be on our maximum level. Is not just a simple call, like happens in the escort agencies, on our case exist too a preparation before with the Maiden to make her understand that you transmitted to us, it will be.

Our objective is offer you a complete service with the maximum quality providing a full organisation with all that your date will need it, can be a travel, a romantic date, or any another service and attention to detail with such whereof you will live a unique moment.

The courtesans of our team are always on company of our private transfer, you booth will can use this service.


Girlfriend Experience

Over the time the girlfriend experience concept has been undermine. We find a lot agencies that promote and sell the idea of a great girlfriend experience when the reality of this kind of agencies are really far of the authentic girlfriend experience.
VIP Maidens is characterized by be the only one organization in Spain that promote the authentic girlfriend. From our team we have worked to overthrow the concept of “escorts agency” giving way to El Círculo and from this circle we have formed and exclusive team of 12 maidens with the exclusive girlfriend experience’s profile. Only will find them in VIP Maidens. 


Because you do not will see on this site pictures of our courtesans, we will keep the HONESTY and PRIVACY of our models

Because our fee can seems you not too much competitive but have a significant influent on the INVOLVEMENT of our maiden

Because we prefer quality than quantity, few partners and few maidens to achieve a CLOSE AND PERSONALISED SERVICE